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Dear Frend,
welcome to - one of the largest caravan forum board in Finland!

Please do register your user name and send greetings. We have large number of users with really good knowledge about Scandinavian caravans, caravan heaters, caravanning in winter or in "wild nature" - and it always great just to hear greetings -  no need for any special issues :)

But if you can not register your user name for some reason or your user name did not activate in couple of days, please do sent me email and I'll help you in this issue - my email is (please do remove "removethis_" from email address). Sorry for any troubles but we do have some problems with spammers and the spam protection system may cause problems with foreigner email addresses.

(You can send email in Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian.. )

Best Regards
mijo - site admin
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